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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Spectre 2 - the etheric self

Neal Adams joins Gardner Fox for Spectre 2 (Jan/Feb 68).

Adams' art really helps enliven this story, which is fairly simple and not up to the hero's pay grade, honestly. The villain of the tale is a magician, Dirk Rawley, who has come into contact with his etheric being. That's kind of like an astral body, except the being only adopts Rawley's form and identity after they meet.

The Etheric Being self is able to pull off much more impressive magic feats than the stage magician, as the Spectre discovers when he confronts the entity while robbing an art gallery.

The Spectre and Jim Corrigan discuss the case. Corrigan has been trying to solve a series of impossible thefts, and was actually watching Rawley perform onstage at the time the Spectre was dealing with him in the art gallery. Fortunately, the Spectre understands Etheric Beings, and so is able to piece the whole thing together.

It becomes a challenge to have the Spectre and Jim Corrigan each physically attack the two selves of Rawley at the same moment. The first time they try this it doesn't work, the Spectre gets trapped in a gemstone, and Corrigan gets in trouble for punching the magician.

But the Spectre gets free, and they manage to pull it off the second time they try, at a fairgrounds.

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