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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Spectre 3 - Spectre teams with Wildcat

Mike Friedrich joins Adams on Spectre 3 (March/April 1968), teaming up the hero with Wildcat. 

The story has a cosmic opening, of other worldly sorcerors in battle. The energies from their conflict go wild, and wind up making it to Earth, and imbuing a small time hood in Gateway City, Sad Jack, with the ability to mentally control others. 

Wildcat gets to star in the first half of the story. Ted Grant is feeling his age, and debating giving up the hero game. It's not like he has been out of action for long. We saw him the previous year in the Justice League/Justice Society crossover. But he has no powers, though we see he still has his cat-cycle.

When Wildcat tries to stop Sad Jack during a robbery, the villain discovers that he can literally freeze Wildcat in his tracks, just be ordering him to. Now calling himself Happy Jack, he pulls off a robbery during a boxing match, and the crowd is unable to run or fight back.

It's only at this point that the Spectre gets involved, coming to Wildcat's aid.

The second half of the story gets far more cosmic. Happy Jack learns that his powers are much greater than he had thought. Essentially, he can make anything he thinks of come true, and gives himself a fairly awful costume before going to battle with the Spectre. The Spectre is able to separate Happy Jack from the energies within him, and send those back into the cosmos.

At the end, Jim Corrigan convinces Ted Grant to open a gym and begin training the next generation. This was darn good advice, as we will continue to see stories set in Grant's Gym for decades to come. Not that Wildcat retires or anything. He returns two years down the road in another JLA/JSA crossover.

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