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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Spectre 8 - the Spectre goes blind

Spectre 8 (Jan/Feb 69) has a Nick Cardy cover, my favourite of the run. It is also the last issue of the run to contain just one, full-length story, in this case by Steve Skeates, Grandenetti and Anderson.

There are two separate plot threads going on in this tale. The supernatural menace begins in the 1700s, with a sorceror who learns the secret of limitless power, and gets killed by his assistant after inscribing it on a parchment. The assistant gains the power, and moves into an astral realm, but his body is unable to maintain the energies. He returns to Earth, in the present day, to look for the parchment in order to save his life.

Meanwhile, Jim Corrigan is dealing with some mobsters. The Spectre wants to rejoin Corrigan, but Jim demands the ghost help out against the bad guys. The Spectre does, but in a rash and severe way, almost killing a bystander. Jim is non-plussed, but the Godlike entity that created the Spectre is even more upset, and pulls the Spectre from Corrigan's body.

The Spectre gets a big lecture, and the Voice decides that the Spectre needs a punishment, a weakness. 

So when the Spectre finally has to deal with the evil assistant, he suddenly goes blind. It doesn't even really slow him down much, and the blindness goes away after the Spectre defeats the guy. It all feels like a dreadful idea, a randomly chosen different weakness every time the Spectre goes into action. Obviously the reason for this is simply that the Spectre is so powerful that no one is a real challenge for him, but this is not the solution.

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