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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Teen Titans 11 - Speedy and the sea serpent

Haney and Cardy bring Speedy back for a lake based adventure for the team in Teen Titans 11 (Sept/Oct 67).

We get to see fan mail from both the Beatles and President Johnson, as well as a note to Wonder Girl from Hippolyta, who refers to herself as Wonder Girl's mother. At this time, there had still been no explanation whatsoever as to who Wonder Girl was. She had only appeared in Teen Titans stories. Much the same situation as Speedy was in now, with no Green Arrow series going on.

Even though Speedy is the guest star, this story is really Aqualad's chance to shine. The team heads out to help a young scientific genius who is working a summer job with a researcher, but who is being blackmailed by a criminal gang because his father is an ex-con. The villains are really well organized, and clearly have money behind them, as they have constructed a fake sea serpent, and have a battalion of scuba diving hoods.

The plot centres on a nerve gas that the boy is supposed to steal for the bad guys, but this is just an excuse for a lot of watery action scenes. Speedy makes an impressive shot, blowing up the sea serpent while standing on Aqualad's back, as he swims towards the fake monster. A really fun one.

Speedy is not seen again until his next appearance with the Teen Titans, two years down the road.

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