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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Teen Titans 23 - the teen rock star

Wonder Girl makes a dramatic showing of her new costume on the cover of Teen Titans 23 (Sept/Oct 69), but in the Haney, Kane and Cardy story she winds up spending a lot of time with a bird head costume covering it.

This really isn't one of my favourite issues. The story centres on a teen rock star who lost his family, and his adoptive parents, and manager as well, just care about raking in the money off of him. The Titans decide to help him find his uncle, who had gone missing in South America.

The uncle had been hunting for lost treasure, and lost his memory along the way. There is a boy who aids Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy and Wonder Girl, but also evil natives who fight to prevent the white people from stealing their treasures. Like, as if they had any right to their own things. Silly non-white people.

And yup, Wonder Girl makes herself look like a bird to scare away the silly non-white people. To be fair, the uncle has to learn that his nephew is more important than the treasure, so the natives do get to keep it. I'm not sure if Wonder Girl got to keep the chicken head costume.

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