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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Teen Titans 24 - going skiing

The cover for Teen Titans 24 (Nov/Dec. 69) is great, but the Haney, Kane and Cardy story is really nothing special, aside from being the last one before the big changes take place in the book.

I guess it is sort of foreshadowing that Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Speedy spend the first half of this story out of costume. They are off on a ski vacation, when they get caught up in an effort to bankrupt the resort, which is run by natives on their land. The natives themselves are being framed for the problems.

Once the Teen Titans get involved, the stakes get raised, and a sort of lame effort is made to kill them. The team gets knocked out and put onto a bobsled, sent down a ski jump in the hope that the crash would kill them. The cold air wakes Robin, who wakes Kid Flash, who saves the group.

In the end the team proves it is the white restauranteur who is trying to bring down the resort, so that he can take it over himself. The finale has some insultingly stereotypical "ugh" speech by the Chief. But on the other hand, he is playing the silly white kids, convincing them he is using native rituals to bring snow, though the reader sees he is using modern seeding methods. I loved this story when it was reprinted, and I read it as a kid.

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