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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Teen Titans 27 - Titans in space

Carmine Infantino and George Tuska provide the pencils for the Kanigher and Cardy story in Teen Titans 27 (May/June 1970).

The story picks up from the previous issue, with Mal Duncan trying to prove himself by stealing aboard a rocket ship for Venus. Things go badly when it hits a cosmic anomaly, and the other Teen Titans head into space to rescue him.

The story has a very 2001: A Space Odyssey feel to it. One thing I should point out, despite being pictured on the cover, Robin is not in this issue, aside from a flashback showing why the team is never in costume. In this issue, it doesn't matter so much, as Speedy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Lilith, Hawk and Dove are all in space suits.

The team runs into some strange alien life forms, collecting remains of the Apollo 11 lunar expedition, and help the Titans rescue Mal.

There is one page of dramatic and interesting art on the trip back to Earth, as the members of the team suffer oxygen deprivation, and hallucinate that the other Titans are evil. But on the whole, this issue falls pretty flat. It probably didn't at the time, with all the excitement about the Moon landing. But that's just not enough to carry the story. At any rate, despite failing to make it to Venus and needing the other Titans to rescue him, Mal feels like he has proved his worth.

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