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Friday, 14 April 2017

Teen Titans 29 - Ocean Master captures Hawk & Dove

Skeates and Cardy conclude the Ocean Master story from the previous issue in Teen Titans 29 (Sept/Oct 70).

Speedy, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl show up to rescue Aqualad. They explain that Lilith had a premonition of his capture, and told them where he was. She must have had something more important to do, though, as she doesn't come along herself. The Titans also explain that Robin had to go back to university, and that Hawk & Dove have taken off on their own. As for Mal Duncan, they don't say a word about where he is, and he doesn't appear at all in the story.

Aqualad finally gets his friends to agree to investigate the Ocean Master situation, and it turns out that Hawk & Dove were doing the same thing. Hawk is getting irritated with the passivity of the Titans as well, so lied to them about he and his brother heading back home. They all meet up as they confront Ocean Master and his men, but it's Hawk & Dove who wind up captured by the villain.

This means that the brothers get the bulk of the action in this tale. They work together to escape from the fairly lame way Ocean Master has them tied up, and then go into action against him and the other aliens.

The rest of the team track them, and join in for the final fight, taking down Ocean Master and the aliens. Ocean Master is next seen four years down the road, working with other villains in Action Comics.

There is a really strong ending to the story, as Aqualad is dismayed to see that the rest of the team still don't feel that they should continue to operate as costumed heroes, and want to stick with Mr. Jupiter's program. Aqualad leaves in disgust. The friction between the friends feels very genuine, and well motivated.

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