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Friday, 14 April 2017

Teen Titans 30 - Lilith gets hunches, and an Aqualad story

Aqualad gets his very first solo story in Teen Titans 30 (Nov/Dec. 70), and it even makes the cover of the issue!

The Teen Titans do at least get the lead story in the issue, by Skeates and Cardy. It makes better use of Lilith than the stories up to this point. Kid Flash, Speedy, Wonder Girl, Mal Duncan and Lilith are on another mission for Mr. Jupiter, to coax a donation from a wealthy but miserly businessman. Lilith gets a hunch that sends them all to a man being mugged, and they fight off his attackers.

Heading to visit the businessman, Mal Duncan is the one who tries to talk him into donating money for a program to help former criminals. The guy rages against them, and Mal picks up on the racism in his arguments.

Lilith then leads the gang to the hospital to check on the mugged man, another hunch. Sure enough, the two stories are connected, and the wealthy guy has a criminal past, which is how he became rich. The mugged guy knew the truth. Not a bad story, despite the lack of costumes.

There is a two page text story by Skeates which features Kid Flash battling a tornado powered foe, the Whirlwind, and then the cover story, which is also by Skeates and Cardy. Aquagirl makes her first appearance in this book in the tale, as she and Aqualad head on shore for a rock concert.

Unfortunately for them, at a nearby hospital a patient driven mad by his super sensitive hearing goes on a rampage, attacking the concert goers. Aquagirl gets knocked out, and wanders in her dazed state, weakening as her time limit out of the water gets reached.

Aqualad restrains the guy and gets him back to the hospital, and finds Aquagirl, bringing her to the sea in time to save her life. Both of them then return to the pages of Aquaman.

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  1. I'll say it again... Tula must have some killer hair gel to keep that hair style rocking underwater.