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Friday, 14 April 2017

Teen Titans 34 - Wonder Girl under a spell

Bob Haney returns for a Gothic tale in Teen Titans 34 (July/Aug. 71), with art by Tuska and Cardy.

Donna Troy gets a job tending an elderly woman, and starts to get harrassed by the townspeople, who insist she is a witch.  Lilith gets a premonition that Wonder Girl is in danger, and brings Robin, Speedy and Mal Duncan with her to the house Donna is staying at.

The story is full of all the Gothic elements, with the spooky old house, a ghost, and a dark romance. There is a mysterious cloaked woman who the Titans think is Wonder Girl under a spell, but which turns out to be the old lady. She got possessed many years earlier by a nasty spirit who killed the man she loved - the ghost now haunting the place.

Lilith is the one to discover this, of course, and the whole story really is more her metier than any of the other heroes. After piecing things together, and realizing that Wonder Girl is in danger of getting possessed by the same spirit in the old lady, the Titans have to find the object taken from Donna in order to make the spell work.

It's very much along the lines of the other horror books being published at this time, and works well enough for the team.

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