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Friday, 14 April 2017

Teen Titans 35 - Is Lilith Juliet?, and Mal stays behind

There are four stories in Teen Titans 35 (Sept/Oct 71), but two are reprints, as the book expands to 48 pages. Both of the new stories are by Haney, Tuska and Cardy.

In the cover story, Mr.Jupiter brings the Teen Titans to Italy on vacation. They are in Verona, and Lilith leads Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Kid Flash directly to the house ascribed to the Capulet house, where she becomes convinced that she is Juliet - or the reincarnation of her.

The rest of the team dismiss this, insisting that Romeo and Juliet are fictional characters. But then Mr. Jupiter gets into an argument with a local landowner, Della Loggia, who is against the lab Jupiter is planning on building in the city. And, of course, Lilith quickly falls for the man's son, whose name is Romeo.

This leads to a feud and a street brawl, and Kid Flash getting injured, if not killed like Mercutio. Lilith and Romeo believe they must run off if they are ever to be together, and head to the graveyard and family tomb.

The Teen Titans follow, and find three empty coffins, but do not notice the malformed creature lurking behind them.

The silly story concludes in the next issue.

The back-up tale centres on Mal Duncan, who has been left behind at the Jupiter estate. It's sad that they didn't bring him along to Italy with them. But he winds up noticing some weird events, an apparent break-in, and the odd behaviour of one of the scientists.

The lab is doing an experiment on reaching Limbo, and the Gargoyle takes advantage of it to escape. The story kicks into high gear once the Gargoyle reveals that he was the fake scientist, and Mal has to deal with the villain on his own.

Unfortunately, unlike the first Gargoyle story there is no evil mind games or manipulation in this, just some straight action, as Mal figures out how to reverse the situation and send the Gargoyle back into Limbo.

The Gargoyle is next seen in 1978, manipulating Green Arrow (and Batman) in Brave and the Bold.

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