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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Teen Titans 4 - Speedy guests

Speedy guest stars in the Haney and Cardy story in Teen Titans 4 (July/Aug), but does not join the team the way his mentor, Green Arrow, joined the League in Justice League of America 4.

Still, this is probably the best Teen Titans story so far. Speedy joins the team as they head to the Olympics, which are being threatened by an evil organization called Diablo, whose goals are far from clear.

Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad and Kid Flash, as well as Speedy, have to stop Diablo from sabotaging the games, but are also determined to help an American boy who has lost his nerve to compete. The two plots work together, as Diablo is actively trying to keep the American runner from winning.

The cover sequence is the big showpiece of the tale. The Titans get captured and placed into the Olympic rings, while a blindfolded Speedy is practicing his shot to set the rings aflame. Cardy executes this scene so well, and it shows off how Wonder Girl is the muscle of the group, bending her ring to get away from the fire and free the others.

The Titans enlist the aid of the runner in defeating Diablo, which gives him the confidence to run the race, which he, of course, wins.

At the time this story was released, Green Arrow's series in World's Finest had already ended, and Speedy had not been seen in two years. His character proved popular in the Teen Titans book, and his next appearance would be back with the team the following year.

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