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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Teen Titans 42 - the beetle necklace

Haney, Saaf and Cardy deliver another supernatural story in Teen Titans 42 (Nov/Dec 72).

This time around, it begins with Wonder Girl and Lilith coming across a beetle necklace at a roadside auction. Wonder Girl gets the necklace bought for her, and that night has a vision of a golden prince fighting a salamander, and getting turned into the necklace. She and Lilith both hear a talking statue begging them to bring the necklace back to its home.

Returning to Jupiter Labs, the women tell the story to Kid Flash, Robin, Speedy and Mal Duncan, and then use the necklace and a globe to determine that they need to head to the Yucatan.

They take a raft down a river, deep into the jungle, and get attacked by all manner of animals along the way. This part looks just great. Wonder Girl gets separated from the rest of the team and bitten by a snake. She passes out, but the others find her and carry on.

They reach a giant skull building in the river, clearly the spot they were aiming for. At this point, it becomes clear that the beetle is not the benevolent being it was passing itself off as, and the guy who bought the necklace for Wonder Girl is already in the giant skull, and has been waiting for the Titans to deliver the necklace to him.

The rest of the team get put into cocoons, with only Wonder Girl left free. She finds the talking skeleton of the salamander. Once Wonder Girl frees the other Titans and they take down the human aid to the beetle, the salamander returns to full life, and resumes its battle with the beetle, which results in the destruction of the big skull building, just as the Titans flee from it.

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