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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Teen Titans 8 - Honey Bun

Irv Novick and Jack Abel join Bob Haney for Teen Titans 8 (March/April 1967), in which the team faces a murderous machine known as Honey Bun.

Foreign exchange students, and racism against them, are at the root of the story in this issue, which takes place largely a small town, which seems to consist of a military factory, and a university.

Honey Bun is a deadly looking machine that has been developed for jungle fighting. It goes wild, and the evidence points to one of the foreign students as being behind the theft of the machine.

Robin, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash have to fight both Honey Bun and a local vigilante group that is out to get the suspected student. It turns out that he is guilty, but that he only stole Honey Bun in order to try to keep it away from an evil spy from his home country. Robin saves the day by using sand to mess up Honey Bun's operating system, and clears the student of suspicion.

 A couple of months ago, the Titans faced a murderous woman called Honey Bun, a clear reference to this story.

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