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Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Hawk and the Dove 2 - Hawk lets Dove deal with it

Skeates and Ditko continue with the sibling rivalry in The Hawk and the Dove 2 (Oct/Nov 68).

This time around the problems his closer to home. The story sees a jailbreak, of prisoners who want to escape, but also of one forced to participate. This takes place near the farm belonging to the brother of Judge Hall, who has taken his family there on vacation. Though the unwilling escapee has a major part at the beginning of the story, he turns himself in right away, so his role is nowhere near as critical as it feels that it will be.

Hank and his father are the first to encounter the fugitives, and it is to them that the one turns himself in. The others flee into the woods, and wind up making it to the farm house, where Don and his mother are. Hank has changed to Hawk and trailed the guys. He is frustrated that Don is not turning into Dove, but the boy is too afraid of what might happen to his mother if he goes into action.

Hawk actually seems to get this, and starts the truck, drawing the attention of the felons, and prompting them to leave the house. Don then becomes Dove, and the pair each chase one of the two leaders of the breakout.

Hawk takes his guy down fast, and then comes to find Dove trying to argue his opponent into giving up. That does no good, and the guy fights Dove. Hawk wants to intervene, but Dove refuses, insisting he can defeat the man without violence.

By the end, even Hawk has to admit that Don has shown a lot of courage. He takes a lot of damage until Dove finds a way to bind the man using his own clothing. A very impressive outing for Dove.

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