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Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Hawk and the Dove 3 - Dove annoys the police, and protects a criminal

The Hawk and the Dive 3 (Dec/Jan 68/69), is the only issue of the series to contain two stories, both of which are by Skeates, Gil Kane and Sal Trapani.

So the look of the series is quite different, even if the feel of it remains the same. In both of the linked stories it's really Don Hall who is featured, even though his brother Hank gets a lot more action as Hawk. The cover tale sees Hawk pursuing a thief called the Cat, and refusing Don's help in this, dismissing him as a coward.

Feeling down, Don heads to a coffee shop to meet up with a girl he likes, Linda Kieves. She and a friend of her are being hassled by a guy,who simply pushes Don away. It's only because a friend of the jerk convinces him to move on to girls that will want him that Linda and her friend are left alone. While Don feels he did the right thing in not getting violent, Linda also calls him a coward, and winds up leaving the coffee shop with Hank.

Later, Don comes across the Cat, in conflict with the police. He changes to Dove, and intervenes, trying to stop the police from shooting the Cat. This just serves to piss off the cops. It also, in the long run, does no good, as the police wind up shooting the Cat anyway.

As Hank heads off with Linda, Don is left wondering if everyone is right, he is a coward, and just causing more problems than he is solving.

Things don't really get much better for Don in the second story. Linda's father was attacked and severely beaten on the same night they were going after the Cat,

Don is determined to do something about this, and learns from Linda that her father is in debt to a gangster, and also that her brother, Mark, has headed out to confront the mob guys. Hawk is taking a simpler route, tracking down the actual hoods who did the beating, and beating the crap out of them, until they confess to who paid them.

Dove gets to the mobster's house long before Hawk does, soon enough to stop Mark from killing the gangster. Mark really has no idea who Dove is, and doesn't understand that Dove is trying to stop him for his own good, as opposed to wanting to protect the gangster. The fight between them lasts long enough for the police to show up and arrest the mobster. Once again, Don ends the story disdained by his brother, and by those he wants to help. It's a real downer.

The Linda that appears in this story is likely meant to be the Linda who shows up in the Brave and the Bold Hawk & Dove story in the 80s.

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