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Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Hawk and the Dove 4 - the art theft

Skeates, Kane and Trapani divide The Hawk and the Dove 4 (Feb/March 1969) between brains and brawn.

It's kind of surprising that such a division had not been played at all up to this point. The story is a fairly dark one, which opens with Don Hall meeting an artist friend of his, loaning him a dime to make a phone call. The artist calls the police to report a robbery that had not yet occurred, but gets gunned down before he can explain.

While Don gets taken in for questioning on the case, and his judge father insists he be shown no preferential treatment, Hawk comes across some hoods robbing the art gallery. He goes into action to stop them, but gets knocked out. Hawk tries to report the robbery to the police, but they insist that there was no robbery.

Don heads over to the girlfriend of the artist, only to wind up running into two gunmen who want to kill her, in case she knows anything. While doing his best not to fight, and not even changing into Dove, Don protects the girl from the incompetent hoods, who wind up killing each other.

It's Dove who pieces the whole thing together, after a visit to the art gallery with the girlfriend. The artist friend had been hired to paint forgeries of certain pictures. Those were taken and replaced the night Hawk got knocked out. The art gallery, and therefore the police, thought that no crime had taken place, because it seemed like nothing was missing. They find the van that Hawk had seen in front of the gallery, and take down the bad guy. This is really the first time the two brothers have found a way to work together.

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