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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Witching Hour 13 - the Three Witches get New Years guests

Neal Adams does the cover as well as the framing sequence for Witching Hour 13 (Feb/March 1971), which is set on New Year's Eve.

Cain and Abel come to visit the Three Witches, which is primarily why I am including this issue, although it's never too hard to get me to include pages of Neal Adams' art.

The cover does not directly relate to any of the stories in this issue. In a very symbolic way one can tie it in to the first story, which is also the best. Alan Gold and Marv Wolfman script the Gray Morrow outing, which follows a man as he wanders through a maze. The story is simple in plot, but wild visually, and the narration along the bottoms of the pages give it a powerful bleakness.

The man has no comprehension of why he is being tormented and tested, and suffers a physical and emotional breakdown as he wanders, lost and desperate to escape.

The conclusion of the story reveals that he is being subjected to the kind of mazes we put mice into, by giant aliens.

The story leaves Abel terrified and gibbering, though of course Cain is not affected at all.

The Mad Mod Witch shows up briefly. She is only on one page, and not included in the later group scenes, which makes me think she was added last minute, to promote her book, The Unexpected.

See, look at everyone lined up to read a text piece that Egor has supposedly written. No Mad Mod Witch on the page anywhere! 

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