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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Phantom Stranger 29 - Dr. Zorn's devil dolls, and the devil worshippers want the Spawn of Frankenstein

Dr. Zorn is back in the Drake and Talaoc story from Phantom Stranger 29 (Feb/March 1974).

This story is very concerned with legalities. Dr. Zorn is back, having been acquitted at his trial. There is another painfully funny sequence showing how he drugged people on the witness stand to make them look like raving lunatics.

The story centres on a security guard at the condo where Dr. Zorn now lives and works. He has conflicts with the neighbourhood cop, although that doesn't really become important in the overall story. The guard stumbles across one of Dr. Zorn's group meetings, where they are working to bring to life his devil dolls.

Because of this, Zorn sends his devil dolls to kill the man. It's his good luck that his wife is trained in voodoo, and that the Phantom Stranger wakes her up in time to help. Oddly, he and his wife sleep in different rooms. She drives the devil dolls away.

The Phantom Stranger goes to confront Zorn, but he has burned all the dolls. The Phantom Stranger has no proof of the man's actions, so is incapable of taking action. What? This is the Phantom Stranger!

Skeates and Baily continue the Spawn of Frankenstein saga as the back-up. The creature escapes from the angry mob of townspeople, and winds up in the hands of the devil worshippers.

Now they want the Spawn of Frankenstein on their side, so the guy in charge tries to give him a half naked woman to kill. The Spawn is not too impressed with that, or the guy's snake hand, and they fight as the chapter ends. 

The story concludes, thankfully, in the next issue.

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