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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Kamandi - the Last Boy on Earth 51 - Kamarni

Steve Englehart joins Ayers and Alcala as Arna is brought home to die in Kamandi - the Last Boy on Earth 51 (June/July 1977).

Pyra brings the whole crew, Kamandi, Ben Boxer, Dr Canus and Spirit, as they bring the rapidly aging Arna back to her own people to die in this issue. Arna reminds Kamandi that he has a child by her, and some sense tries to be made of the conflicting things she had said to him back in that issue.

The boy, Kamarni, looks pretty much exactly like Kamandi, but with dark hair. He hates both of his long absent parents, and is spending time with the High Llama, trying to find peace. On the other hand, the moment he sees Kamandi he is out to kill him. He is not the only one. We see some other minor characters that Kamandi met the first time he was with Arna's tribe, and they have all aged dramatically.

The fight between Kamandi and Kamarni ends with the revelation that Kamarni is really a robot. The planned child of Kamandi and Arna did not happen. Arna's tribe is aging more quickly, and no longer able to reproduce at all, so they are now building robot children.

Arna dies as the story ends, but Pyra bursts in all happy anyway, as she has had news from her home world, which has not died off for lack of energy.

The story continues in the next issue.

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