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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Kamandi - the Last Boy on Earth 54 - cocooned

Harris, Ayers and Alcala continue with the hunt for Ben Boxer in Kamandi - the Last Boy on Earth 54 (Dec/Jan 77/78).

Pyra and Dr Canus are not having much luck looking for the energy source. Bloodstalk reaches the Aztec birds while tracking Kamandi. Far more shocking is the scene with Ben Boxer, Steve and Renzi. Kamandi had almost caught up to them, and they know he is following. They are going to something called "Evermore," and do not want him around.

Kamandi knows none of this. He and Spirit come to the aid of a talking caterpillar being carried off by a big eagle. The caterpillar is grateful for the help, and invites them to his town.

He and the other caterpillars live in a vast city built in a massive tree.

And even though the caterpillars all think Kamandi is wonderful for helping them, the guy still winds up in danger. The caterpillars want to reward him and Spirit by cocooning them. Spirit winds up inside one, but Kamandi fights it off. The caterpillars cannot understand why he would reject this honour, but have no time to do anything about it. They are all cocooning themselves as well.

Kamandi grabs Spirit's cocoon and steals an air car, fleeing the city as the entire structure winds up cocooned.

He also takes an energy gun, using it to try to open Spirit's cocoon. He fails, but the use of energy draws Pyra and Canus to him. Pyra confirms that Spirit is alive in the cocoon, but removing her could kill her. They have to wait until her metamorphosis is complete.

The story continues in the next issue.

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