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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Kamandi - the Last Boy on Earth 57 - surfing crabs

Harris, Ayers and Bulanadi create some entertaining surfing crabs in Kamandi - the Last Boy on Earth 57 (June/July 78).

Ben Boxer, Steve and Renzi are undergoing Evermore throughout this issue. The radiation they give off during this process is so extreme that no one can go near them, which is why they did not want Kamandi around.

Dr Canus reveals that he knew Ben long before he met Kamandi, and Ben explained all about Evermore to him. Canus also relates how he feels a natural kinship to humans, because of the long lasting bond created between humans and dogs before the Great Disaster. Bloodstalker agrees with this, saying that, since meeting Kamandi, he no longer desires to bring him back to the ones who hired him. This is, for me, a disappointment, as Bloodstalker had been built up for so long as a potential threat.

The actual threat in this issue turn out to be surfing crabs, who talk in a sort of surfer jargon. The Evermore ritual sends the three mutants far into the sky, slowing so much they appear to be a star. This is taken by surfers as a sign leading them to the one they are searching for. They reach the beach an immediately attack Spirit. Pyra tries to help, but finds that the crabs have some kind of radioactive aura that immunizes them from her powers.

The crabs really want Kamandi, of course. They intend to worship him, and he agrees to go, so long as they leave his friends safe. The seal him into a strange surfboard thing, and bring him across the water. There they place the surfboard thing into a machine.

Kamandi then finds himself inside a movie. The Maltese Falcon, to be exact. He is cast in Bogart's role, and the movie is being watched at a big drive in.

The story continues in the next issue of Karate Kid, which then leads into the following issue of Kamandi.

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