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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Kamandi - the Last Boy on Earth 58 - Karate Kid vs Kamandi

Harris, Ayers and Bulanadi conclude the Kamandi/Karate Kid crossover begun in the previous issue of Karate Kid, in Kamandi - the Last Boy on Earth 58 (Aug/Sept 78).

Karate Kid had ended with the two heroes both trapped in a movie, pitted against each other. Kamandi assumes Karate Kid to be another film character, while the Kid thinks Kamandi is an agent of one of his two foes, Major Disaster or the Lord of Time. Only when Karate Kid makes reference to Dr Canus and Bloodstalker does Kamandi realize he is an actual human. Then he is able to make Val Armorr understand what they have been trapped in.

Dr Canus and Bloodstalker are dealing with the crabs and trying to free Kamandi, while he comes up with a different idea from the outside. Since they have been put into the movies to entertain the crabs, by not doing anything at all they frustrate the audience, who decide they should get new "gods."

So the two threads come together, with the crabs wanting the heroes gone as Canus and Bloodstalker are there to free them.

But the dogs do this incorrectly, damaging the projector, which sets off an explosion that destroys the screen. Pyra zips by to pick them all up. 

Karate Kid's friend, Iris Jacobs, who had been turned into Diamondeth, is not handling her trip to the future well. She had been cured of her condition, but Pyra was forced to change Iris back to keep her from freaking out.

Pyra has found the source of the vortex, the repositor of all the energies from the Great Disaster. The Lord of Time and Major Disaster, who have been monitoring everything, also see this. Conveniently, the Lord of Time knows of the Vortex, and is able to fill in the reader on its nature. Karate Kid and Diamondeth are sent back to the present. Karate Kid is next seen in the oversize Legion of Super-Heroes special in which Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl get married.

The issue concludes as Pyra's craft approaches the Wondrous Western Wall.

The story continues in the next issue.

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