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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Kamandi - the Last Boy on Earth - unpublished issue 60

What would have been the next issue of Kamandi got included in Cancelled Comics Cavalcade, and so I am reproducing some of it here. Harris, Ayers and Bulanadi continued as the creative team on the story, which pulls in other Kirby created characters, the 70s version of Sandman, along with his assistants Brute and Glob. The two bring Kamandi to Sandman, whose Dream Dome seems to be located within the Vortex on the other side of the Wondrous Western Wall. Sandman was not the voice Kamandi heard in the last issue, the identity of that is left a mystery. Sandman shows Kamandi an adventure of his, which was actually the unpublished 6th issue of his book. As that would wind up getting coloured and published a few years down the road, I am skipping those pages.

At the end of the unpublished tale within an unpublished tale, Sandman explains that Jed and Kamandi are the same person, but in different realities. In the Vortex, Kamandi is able see into different realms, and understand different versions of himself.

But before he can learn anything more, Sandman informs the boy that his friends back on Earth are now in danger. Ben Boxer and buddies Steve and Renzi are having a dream while doing the Evermore thing, and the dream has come to life, an energy creature attacking Spirit, Pyra, Dr Canus and Bloodstalker. Kamandi returns to aid them while Sandman separates the mutant brothers, which breaks the dream and disperses the energy beast.

Sandman confirms the connection between Kamandi and OMAC. The Sandman reprint takes up the extra pages, so there would have been no OMAC back-up in this issue. And the story at least comes to an ending, even though it teases another plot line to come.

Still, I believe I would have found this a disappointing issue, if it had been printed. The Wondrous Western Wall had been set up to be a reveal that dealt with the Great Disaster, which is not even touched on in this tale.

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