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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Limited Collectors' Edition C-34 - Christmas with the Super-Heroes, with a new Angel and the Ape story

Nick Cardy does the cover for Limited Collectors' Edition C-34 (Feb/March 1975), the first of two Christmas with the Super-Heroes issues. This first one contains reprints of Superman and Captain Marvel, from the 40s, the Teen Titans from the 60s, and Batman from the 70s.

It also has a new (or at least never before published) Angel and the Ape story by John Albano, Bob Oskner and Wally Wood. The story sees Angel O'Day wind up switching parcels with a smuggler. She is carrying toys to donate to children, and he is carrying a doll containing diamonds. It's basically the same set up as the movie Wait Until Dark.

The bad guys realize what has happened, and go after Angel and the Ape to try to find the doll with the diamonds, which the partners are unaware that they possess.

It's cute, I guess. This series never really grabs me. The bad guys have a gas compound that turns good people evil. They use it on Sam Simeon. But then the bad gut inhales it himself, and becomes good at the end. 

Angel and the Ape had not been seen since the cancellation of their book in 1979, and are next seen three years down the road in Showcase 100.

Issue C-43 (Feb/March 1976) has the second Christmas with the Super-Heroes theme, and I actually owned this one as a kid. It contains three reprints from the 1940s, of Superman, Wonder Woman and Sandman, as well as a Batman story from the 70s, and a House of Mystery tale from the 70s as well.  Out of all of them, the one that had the biggest effect on me was the Sandman tale. I recall not liking it the first time I read it. Jack Kirby's art was so different from anything I had seen. But it quickly became the story I read most often in the collection.

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