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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Limited Collectors' Edition C-36 - the Bible

Limited Collectors' Edition C-36 (June/July 1975) takes on the Bible. It doesn't get very far. The book doesn't even make it all the way through Genesis. And despite the tease of the Joe Kubert cover, the interior art is all by Nestor Redondo. I like Redondo, but he ain't Kubert.

Sheldon Mayer scripts this, and chooses to frame his Bible stories with a grandfather telling his two grandchildren the stories. The boy has a rational and skeptical mind, to which the grandfather counters that science doesn't know everything. So apparently that means one may as well turn to a book about talking animals, which says the Earth is flat, women are worth less than cattle, gays should be killed and slavery is fucking awesome for the answers to life's questions.

Yeah, so, I'm not christian. You probably guessed that. Anyway, the book opens with the days of creation. Days that take place before night and day are created, but whatever.

And then we get Adam and Eve and the serpent and eating the apple and going wow, we're naked! and then getting booted out of the Garden of Eden.

The story of Cain and Abel gets retold, sadly without using the House of Mystery/House of Secrets hosts. In this rendition, God is pissed off with Cain because he takes pride in his sacrifice. I guess God wants people not to care about the plants they sacrifice to him.

Then it's time for Noah's Ark. All the animals neatly lined up to enter the big boat, the dimensions of which are given in a charming little inset.

The Tower of Babel bit comes next. I do love Redondo's art on the tower. It does tend to inspire some beautiful paintings and illustrations.

Then the story moves on to Abraham and Sarah. They do the whole "no, mr. pharaoh, she's just my sister so don't kill me" bit, although they only do it once, while it happens over and over in the Bible. Even after Sarah is like 100 years old, and still a hottie, apparently.

Abraham and Lot go their separate ways, and Lot builds Sodom. Gotta give Mayer credit for at least not going all totally homophobic on the Sodom bit. Instead he has the men of Sodom just wanting to rob the angels. Mind you, he also skips the bit where Lot offers up his virgin daughters to be gang raped.

The conclusion of the issue sees Lot's wife get turned to salt.

These tales have apparently fried the young boy's brain, and he now believes any shit his grandfather tells him. Victory!

The conclusion bills a follow up issue, but that never came into being. 

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