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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Limited Collectors' Edition C-46 - Justice League of America

The Justice League of America get an issue of their own with Limited Collectors' Edition C-46 (Aug/Sept 76). The issue reprints a team up with Adam Strange against Kanjar Ro, and a Dr. Destiny story, both from the 60s.

Between the two, there is a centre spread by Terry Austin and Dick Giordano, featuring every member of the League to date, as well as their frequent guests Adam Strange, Metamorpho and Zatanna. What really puzzled me about this as a kid was the green guy. The Martian Manhunter had not appeared in any story that I had read at this point, and I simply had no idea who he was. I thought he was one of their friends, as opposed to a former member of the team.

The back cover of the issue has an illustration labelled the "original" Justice Society of America, although that is not really accurate. Neither Dr. Mid-Nite nor Wonder Woman were part of the original line -up, and Superman and Batman were never more than honourary members. I also thought it odd to include this, when the interior contents did not include the JSA.

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