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Thursday, 29 June 2017

OMAC 2 - OMAC vs Mr. Big

OMAC 2 (Nov/Dec 74) sees the hero head into a city that has been rented, in its entirety, by the "super-rich" Mr. Big, in order to throw a party. Kirby and Royer are joined by Bruce Berry on this issue. The concept may have sounded far fetched in 1974, but seems only a little beyond reality now.

OMAC has no invitation to the party, and you have to wonder why Brother Eye didn't teleport him right into the place. He has to fight his way through some armed guards, but then is given a lift into the core of the city by two men in costumes. It turns out they are working for Mr. Big, and hunting Professor Forest. They know exactly who OMAC is, and just follow him to their target.

Professor Forest has enough time to fill in OMAC on Brother Eye and why he was created. Forest explains about the Global Peace Agency, and how they avoid using large armies, because those lead to large wars. OMAC is meant to be able to do anything an army can - a One Man Army Corps. OMAC vaguely recalls being someone else before his transformation, but Forest does not give him any more information about his life as Buddy Blank before the costumed men burst in and kill him.

The men then report to Mr. Big, who sends them back out to kill OMAC. Aside from that being obviously pointless, you'd think Mr. Big would have given them orders to kill both OMAC and Forest in the first place. The party has all been organized simply to provide distraction and cover for the murders.

Surprisingly, it does seem as if the men succeed at killing OMAC. They bring the corpse to Mr. Big, and the faceless operatives of the Global Peace Agency show up. Mr. Big, knowing that the GPA agents do not carry guns, orders the costumed men to kill them as well, but the two are suddenly fried to death by beams.

OMAC had not died. He hadn't even been shot. Brother Eye had used his lasers to disintegrate the bullets, and then put OMAC into a death like state, so that the men would bring him to Mr. Big. The Global Peace Agency agents now have the evidence they need to bring in Mr. Big.

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