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Thursday, 29 June 2017

OMAC 3 - OMAC goes after Kafka

Kirby and Berry give OMAC a flying chair in OMAC 3 (Jan/Feb 75). Kirby really did love drawing those.

The story opens with the Global Peace Agency doing its best to make OMAC happy as their new five star general. He watches a movie in what we would now term virtual reality, although the experience is broadcast directly into his brain, rather than through a viewer.

They also provide him with parents, selected by a computer program to be the perfect match for him. Really, I find this just as creepy as the Lila robot in the first issue, especially when these brand new parents try to act all close and bond-y.

But then it's time for OMAC to go to work. They need him to take out Marshal Kafka, a bloody tyrant who has been attacking the lands on his border. Kafka has an army of a hundred thousand men, all ready to take OMAC out. The GPA send OMAC there in s special ship, the pieces of which fly off and get used as weapons to help him out.

As piece by piece separates from the ship is becomes a flying chair. OMAC has no need of Brother Eye in this story, as the ship/chair has such a wide assortment of weaponry.

The chair does eventually get destroyed, but by then OMAC has penetrated all of Kafka's defenses, and faces off against the Marshal himself, in his giant tank, as the issue reaches an end.

The story continues in the next issue.

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