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Thursday, 29 June 2017

OMAC 4 - Kafka's avenger

Kirby and Berry conclude the Kafka storyline in OMAC 4 (March/April 1975).

There is a spectacular two page spread of Brother Eye at the top of the tale, which sort of makes up for the absence of the satellite in the previous issue. Without his super flying chair, OMAC needs the help of Brother Eye to withstand Marshal Kafka's giant tank.

Brother Eye gives OMAC enough protection to survive the bomb that Kafka sets off, which demolishes the man's own tank, and almost kills the Marshal as well.

OMAC captures Kafka and brings him to the Global Peace Agency, who prepare to put him on trial. One is expecting some really wild sci fi satirical version of The Trial. Especially if one is me. But unfortunately that is not where the story goes.

Kafka insists that they will never bring him to trial, that his avenger will prevent that. Sure enough, a big flying octopus-type monster shows up, and OMAC spends the remainder of the issue fighting it. The creature absorbs all the energy expended on it, either by conventional weaponry, sheer force, or Brother Eye's power beams.

OMAC realizes that the creature is basically a massive living reactor, with cyclotrons where its eyes should be. He is unable to stop it, but rips off one of the creature's horns. The story really does not explain the conclusion very well, but it is possible to guess that the avenger uses the horns for navigation, as its eyes are not really eyes. Kafka had been willing to die so long as the rest of the Global Peace Agency were killed in the avenger's explosion. But instead, without the horn, the avenger's flight becomes erratic, and it crashes into a mountain peak a distance away and explodes there.

Like so many other OMAC stories, this one has some really neat ideas, but doesn't seem to execute them very well.

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