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Thursday, 29 June 2017

OMAC 5 - body snatchers

Kirby and Berry have a much darker concept for OMAC 5 (May/June 1975) than the cover would imply.

The old people becoming young are not being rejuvenated. Rather, the young people are being kidnapped, and then old wealthy people are having their brains transplanted into the captive bodies, which result in the death of the original person. The Global Peace Agency show OMAC a movie secretly taken of the process, which takes place in a hidden facility called the Terminal.

The agent who went undercover to get the film is now on the run, and the man who leads the Terminal tries to kill him with a missile. He only survives because he is close to OMAC, and Brother Eye puts up a force shield to protect him.

OMAC leads the Global Peace Agency in this story, although the agents all stay at a distance. Really, considering how protective Brother Eye is, getting close would have been wiser. OMAC finds one of the body snatchers employed to capture young people for the Terminal, and forces him to bring OMAC to his leader.

The guy is negotiating with a woman who is a high ranking figure in the Crime Cabal for a new body, the body of the girlfriend of the body snatcher. He is upset about this at first, but his boss offers to pay him a huge sum for his girl, and he starts to reconsider. It doesn't really matter, though, with OMAC there and the Peace agents on their way. The arrest the leader and the Crime Cabal woman. although neither will reveal the location of the Terminal.

As the issue ends, the body snatcher offers to reveal the location of the Terminal to OMAC, but is far too frightened to lead him there himself.

The story continues in the next issue.

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