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Thursday, 29 June 2017

OMAC 6 - the Terminal

Kirby and Berry conclude the Terminal storyline in OMAC 6 (July/Aug 75).

OMAC gets a recharge from Brother Eye at the top of the story, before dragging the reluctant body snatcher along as they head to the secret mind-transfering facility, the Terminal.

One can only get there on a secret subway, which one summons using a "pocket phone." The phrase is put into quotation marks, being a purely science fiction term in 1975. The train itself is all Kirby glory.

But as nice as the train looks, the ride is not so pleasant. There are video monitors to make sure only the right people are on it. Once OMAC is seen, all manner of death traps get set off. Poison gas, cars that explode. The body snatcher only survives by staying close to OMAC. At the end of the ride the Crime Cabal have a horde of killers out to eliminate the two passengers, but OMAC defeats them.

The head of the Crime Cabal himself is about to undergo a mind transfer into a younger body when OMAC comes bursting in and puts an end to the entire operation. They also rescue the girlfriend of the body snatcher, who was about to be operated on herself.

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