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Thursday, 29 June 2017

OMAC 8 - OMAC ends

Kirby is joined by Mike Royer on inks for the final issue of OMAC, which has a cover by Joe Kubert.

We get our first and only glimpse inside Brother Eye at the top of the issue, and see that the satellite has a pattern for OMAC in its computer banks. It is preparing to beam the pattern back down to change Buddy Blank back into the hero, but in fact this is the only time we actually see OMAC in the entire issue.

Before Brother Eye can affect Buddy, the poor boy feels himself changing, and falls through the rock tower that he is standing on. Brother Eye loses all track of him at this point.

Dr Skuba's base is inside the tower. Buddy, with no memory of being OMAC, is completely confused about what Skuba and his "children" want of him. They show him a relatively unhelpful diagram of how they brought him inside the rock to their hidden lair.

Brother Eye continues to hunt for Buddy, and sends a message to Skuba, threatening him with capture by the Global Peace Agency. Skuba is able to tell that the voice is not human, and tracks Brother Eye through the transmission. 

Skuba decides to kill Buddy, to prevent Brother Eye from turning him into OMAC again, but right at that moment Brother Eye figures out how to send its beams to penetrate Skuba's lair, and blows up his gun. Brother Eye starts sending various machines in the lair flying across the room, trying to attack Skuba that way. Poor Buddy, with no idea what is going on, just runs off, and we don't see him again.

The final battle becomes one between Skuba and Brother Eye, each trying to destroy the other first. Skuba manages to use some atomic beams of his own to magnetize Brother Eye, and all sorts of space rocks become attracted to it, sealing the satellite up. But before that solidifies, Brother Eye sends out one final beam, which overloads Skuba's lair and makes it explode.

It's a pretty dramatic conclusion, although the last panels really do not do the destruction of the lair justice. And we are left with no idea of what happened to Buddy Blank. I doubt the story was intended to actually end here.

Buddy Blank, OMAC, and Brother Eye all return three years down the road as a back-up story in the final issue of Kamandi - the Last Boy on Earth.

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