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Monday, 26 June 2017

Plop! 13 - taking precautions, and a Super Plop

Another creepy Wolverton cover on Plop! 13 (June 1975).

As it is the 13th issue, Aragones makes the most of it with Cain, Abel and Eve doing everything they can to avoid getting Plopped, and warning the reader to stay away from all the classic bad luck things, walking under a ladder, a black cat, broken mirror, etc.

I'm not sure who drew the Super Plop in this issue, but it's not very funny. I guess the joke is that the pollution is so extreme it even affects Superman. But that doesn't make me laugh.

On the other hand, the finale to the issue does. Now that there are ads in the book, the framing sequences no longer end on the black and white interior cover. That's about the only plus to having ads. I really love the Plop of ink from the pen. Feels very Terry Gilliam.

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