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Monday, 26 June 2017

Plop! 24 - Cain, Abel and Eve tour the DC offices and tell stories as the series comes to an end

Plop! comes to an end with issue 24 (Nov/Dec 76). Ironically, this was the first issue of the series I bought as a kid.

Aragones does the final framing sequence for Cain, Abel and Eve as they take a tour of the DC offices. Comic books would form a connecting theme to the stories as well.

The first story is by Don Edwing and Dave Manak, and centres on a young comic collector and an evil politician, Bella Button, who wants to make comic books illegal.

The boy is distraught, but then the Great Comic Book Spirit shows up and gets him to say the name of his favourite comic. It's a Shazam take off, so it's appropriate that it turns him into a Captain Marvel type character.

He has little luck going after Bella Button as Captain Marvel, and tries as Batman and Wonder Woman before finally succeeding as Superman. Bella Button winds up getting turned into a comic book herself by the Comic Book Spirit.

Aragones writes and draws the second story, which gives a supporting role to Eve. It seems he holds some hard feelings towards William Gaines of Mad Magazine, as this pretty clearly satirizes the man, in a downright nasty way.

Tired of the abuse from the man, Aragones goes to Eve to have her cast a spell to turn Gaines into a disgusting monster. But the monster she creates is how Gaines looks already.

Wonder Woman pops up in the framing sequence, and shows Cain, Abel and Eve around. The DC office staff are made to look like a bunch of loons, but the satire in these bits is nowhere near as men as that against Gaines.

Oh, Wolverton still does get to do his creepy people. It's just that they have moved into the interior pages from the cover. And most of the book consists of the one page Plop jokes.

Steve Skeates, Cary Bates and Ric Estrada combine for the final story, in which an artist gives drawing lessons to the reader. They are useless lessons, though, as he demonstrates how to draw a cheque, draw flies, and draw a conclusion.

One can only cheer when another character shows up and draws a gun.

Some actual DC editorial staff show up on the final page of the issue, and you have to love Julius Schwartz in the Superman outfit.

After the cancellation of this book Cain and Abel continue to appear in Houses of Mystery and Secrets, respectively. I am not certain about the next time we see Eve, though.

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