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Monday, 26 June 2017

Plop! 5 - Cain, Abel and Eve explain Plop to the Easter Bunny, and Super Plops

Plop! 5 (May/June 1974) contains a feature I had not been expecting, so I have to include this one. The Wolverton cover, which is a wrap around, doesn't quite work as a frontspiece.

The Aragones framing sequence sees Cain, Abel and Eve dealing with a really stupid Easter Bunny, who cannot understand what the whole concept of Plop is. So the various stories and Plop jokes are all designed to get the rabbit to understand.

But what makes me write about this issue is the three page Super Plops feature, by Murphy Anderson. The pages themselves are framed by marginalia by Aragones, as are all the "Plops" joke pages that are not actually by him. It's not new work on each page of marginalia, rather a set background. Of the three Anderson cartoons the first, with Batman and Robin discovering a crushed Batmobile, is the least amusing. Much better is Flash checking out Superman's cards while the hero and Batman greet Supergirl.

But by far the best is a two pager, which begins as Lois Lane falls out of a window. Clark has no time to change in order to save her, so flies out as himself. Lois reveals that this was a trick to get him to expose his identity. The final panel is a wonderful capper, with Clark announcing to Morgan Edge that Lois fell out a window.

The framing sequence culminates with the Easter Bunny finally figuring out what Plops are, and then jumping onto Cain, Abel and Eve.

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