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Monday, 26 June 2017

Plop! 7 - Cain, Abel and Eve tell stories to Superman

A big brain by Wolverton on the cover of Plop! 7 (Sept/Oct 74).

It's the Aragones framing sequence that makes me include this issue. Cain, Abel and Eve cannot agree about which of them tells the best stories, so they decide to get Superman to decide for them.

Their way of getting Superman's attention is to have him save them from falling to their deaths. Abel is the first to try this, and after Superman catches him, he relates the first story in the issue. Cain jumps next, and tells the second story to Superman.

Things get very silly when Eve jumps, and Superman has no free hand to hold her. Eve then tells the third story to an increasingly irritated Superman.

The ending is no great surprise. Rather than pick any one of them as the winner, Superman simply drops all three, giving each one their own Plop.

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