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Monday, 26 June 2017

Plop! 9 - Cain, Abel and Eve at Halloween, and another Super Plop

It's strange that I seem to be covering every odd numbered issue. Plop! 9 (Jan/Feb 75) makes five in a row. But it has a Super Plops, so I have to include it. Another Wolverton cover on this adless issue.

The Aragones framing sequence has Cain, Abel and Eve telling their stories to a group of trick-or-treaters on Halloween. The three are dismayed that the kids are not in costumes, and even moreso as the issue goes on and none of the stories scare them.

I'm not sure who does the art on Batman in the Super Plop, which demonstrates why it's not wise to keep a car in a Batcave.

The conclusion of the framing sequence reveals that the "kids" are really monsters in kid costumes. It's not too hard to see that one coming. I do enjoy the comment by Cain that they must be on the last page, because they are now in black and white.

Oh, and I should add that issue 10 is the last one with no ads.

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