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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Prez 3 - Prez fights his own battle

It's kind of amazing how each issue of Prez is worse than the one before it. Simon and Grandenetti really must have worked hard at this, and it shows in Prez 4 (Dec/Jan 73/74).

The issue almost starts by picking up from the end of the previous one. There is a bit of a prologue, introducing a crazed grand-nephew of George Washington, who dresses as his ancestor and leads an army dressed the same way, who are prepared to march on Washington to make sure the gun control law fails. Then we get to the assassination attempt. It turns out to be the pro-gun senator who was shot. Just the like the one who was playing baseball last week. Oh, the irony.

Then the pro-gun people go to war with the army. And since Washington's descendant is unable to pay his troops, he resorts to counterfeiting. Not that that plays a huge role in the story.

Prez decides to avoid bloodshed by having the differences resolved by single combat. The bad guy sends out a champion, Hood, to fight against Prez. 

Prez wins the fight, and is about to kill the guy when Eagle Free steps in and convinces him not to. You gotta love the "for a moment I lost my cool" line.

But then Washington's descendant decides not to concede, and the two sides go to war anyway. The war is brought to an abrupt end when Hood, who turns out to have been an FBI agent infiltrating Washington's army, takes out the guy in charge.

A total mess.

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