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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Prez 4 - Prez ends

Simon and Grandenetti are joined by Craig Flessel for Prez 4 (Feb/March 1974) the last and worst issue of the book.

The story begins with Prez, Eagle Free in Moravia, where the US has just built a canal. As they fly back, they spot a big black cloud that never moves. No one knows what is beneath that cloud. No one. Not even the people who live right next to it. Apparently it never moves. Vice President Martha gets a scene playing ping pong against Chinese diplomats.

Then a werewolf arrives in Washington one night, and the army get into a fight with it. As the sun rises the werewolf turns back into a human, and he turns out to be an ambassador from Transylvania. Transylvania is under the black cloud, and the canal has caused flooding in their country. They threaten the US because of this.

So the US goes to war with Transylvania, even though no one knows where it is. Except they know it is under the black cloud, and they know where the black cloud is. But they still say they have no idea where the country is. This is making my brain hurt.

It just gets worse when Dracula shows up trying to kill Prez. He has lost his legs and now travels around on a wooden board. Because that makes him so much scarier. At least he is not travelling around under a black cloud. Eagle Free bursts in and stops Dracula from killing Prez. Before fleeing on his wooden board, Dracula announces that he is going to send a airplane full of rabid vampire bats to attack Washington. Then he wheels himself away. And no one stops him. Because no one even tries. Prez tries to get troops to fight against this one planeload of bats, but Congress think he is crazy, and instead launch an investigation into Prez.

So Eagle Free recruits some birds and gives them a special ceremony before sending them to fly into the rotors of the Transylvanian plane.

The flock of dead birds gum up the rotors and the plane crashes, thus solving the invasion problem.

Who did they think was likely to enjoy these stories?

Prez does return the following year, appearing in the final issue of Supergirl's comic.

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