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Friday, 30 June 2017

Secrets of Haunted House 2 - Cain, Abel and Destiny host stories, including one about an escaped con

Secrets of Haunted House 2 (June/July 1975) has three stories, and three hosts.

There is only a splash page for this issue, not a full framing sequence. Cain, Abel and Destiny appear in it, and host the three stories in the book, but get overwhelmed by the rest of the illustration.

Abel gets to host the cover story, by Oleck and Eufronio Cruz. The tale centres on a prisoner who escapes from a penitentiary.

He makes it to town, but no one there reacts to him, it is as if they do not see or hear him. The prisoner comes to believe that he got shot and killed while escaping, and is now a ghost.

Which is, honestly, what I thought as well. There is a nice twist to the end, as he returns to the prison, expecting to find his corpse. Instead he just gets captured. The warden sent news into town, and told everyone to act as if they couldn't see the guy, to make him think he was a ghost.

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