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Friday, 30 June 2017

Secrets of Haunted House 4 - Cain, Eve and Destiny watch Abel in trouble, and a woman pretends to like birds

Four hosts but only three stories in Secrets of Haunted House 4 (Oct/Nov 75).

I know I ought to recognize the signature of the artist on the splash page. Mike Kaluta, I think it is. Cain and Eve enjoy watching Abel sink into quicksand, while Destiny looks irritated about having to share a book with them.

Destiny and Cain host the first two stories in the issue, while Eve closes the book out with the cover story. Maxine Fabe and Nestor Redondo spin this tale, which deals with a cunning young woman who learns about birds and pretends to care about them in order to win the affections of a wealthy old bird lover. 

They get married, and he puts her in charge of his aviary. Eventually he discovers her true feelings, about him and the birds, and prepares to cut her out of his will. So she kills him, which is not a surprise. Then she marries the guy she really cares about.

It's also not much of a surprise that, on their honeymoon, the woman gets killed by a flock of birds who enter her room.

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