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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Shazam! 27 - Captain Marvel meets Kid Eternity

Shazam! 27 (Jan/Feb 77) marks the first DC appearance of Kid Eternity. The character was one of the Quality Comics heroes that DC had purchased back in the 50s, but never used. As Kid Eternity summoned dead people to help him fight crime, by calling out the word "eternity," he fit very well with the Marvel Family characters.

This issue, by Bridwell, Schaffenberger and Colletta, is set in Philadelphia. Sivana has constructed a machine that allows him to bring back to life dead villains from the past, including Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, and Benedict Arnold. His daughter Beautia appears in the story, although she does very little other than agonize over here evil father's actions.

With so many bad guys to deal with Billy Batson feels overwhelmed. He uses the disco lights to talk to Mercury, and we see that Mercury has his own disco light set up, which he uses to contact Mr. Keeper, Kid Eternity's sidekick. Eternity and Keeper show up, and they decide that Billy will go after Sivana while Eternity deals with the revived dead. Uncle Dudley does nothing much at all.

Billy immediately gets captured and gagged by Sivana, but we do get to see Kid Eternity do a good job bringing forth soldiers to fight the bad guys, and Benjamin Franklin to explain things to the police.

Even so, Kid Eternity falls into Sivana's hands, and the pair get sealed into the Liberty Bell. Billy uses Benedict Arnold's sword, which looks quite phallic at it juts through the crack in the bell. He becomes Captain Marvel, frees Kid Eternity, and they take down the revived villains, though Sivana escapes again.

Kid Eternity would return in three years in the Shazam! series in World's Finest Comics.

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