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Friday, 23 June 2017

Shazam! 33 - the Shazamobile

Bridwell and Henson are joined by Vince Colletta for Shazam! 33 (Jan/Feb 78), which takes place at the Indianapolis 500.

Billy Batson and Uncle Dudley are in Indianapolis, just in time for Mr. Mind's latest scheme. The evil worm had told them he was going to be there, but did not mention that he had found Mr. Atom and brought him back to Earth, following his stellar defeat a couple of years earlier in the Justice League/Justice Society crossover that used the Earth-S characters. Mr. Atom has been remade into a car. Mr. Mind demands that someone race against the Mr. Atom car, or it will melt down and release radiation to wipe out the city.

Captain Marvel puts the disco lights on full blast to talk to all the gods, as well as Shazam. They instruct him to build a car that they will endow with their powers.

So then it becomes a race between the Shazamobile and the Mr. Atomobile. Cap wins, which is hardly a surprise.

The only really good moment comes when Mr. Atom's headless body shows up and retrieves its head from the wreckage. A brief fight follows, but Cap wins that quickly as well.

And it proves to be Uncle Dudley who is the big hero, tracking down Mr. Mind with a geiger counter and capturing the alien worm.

Both villains are next seen in the Shazam series in World's Finest Comics a couple of years down the road.

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