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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Supergirl 2 - Supergirl heads to Kandor, and Zatanna goes to Hamelin

Bates, Saaf and Colletta have Supergirl head to Kandor in issue 2 (Jan. 73).

The story begins with Linda Danvers on the beach with a boyfriend, Jeff. She spots her biology professor being attacked by an octopus underwater, and switches into Supergirl to save him. Jeff gets pissed off at how she takes off, and the attention she gives her professor.

And she does seem quite taken with him. Supergirl goes to check on him later, and finds out that he is dying of an "obscure brain malady." Supergirl flies him to the Fortress of Solitude. he computer there sends them into Kandor, to get a cure from Nor-Kan. Supergirl is puzzled about this, as Nor-Kan is dead. Her parents, Zor-El and Alura, explain that Nor-Kan happened to be working on a cure for obscure brain maladies when he died.

So as the professor gets closer to death, Supergirl has to track down Nor-Kan's cure. The serum has the side effect of making a person grow uncontrollably.

So then Supergirl has to figure out how to get the professor out of the bottle before he smashes it open and kills everyone inside. She does, of course.

Wein and Wolfman are joined by Don Heck, sadly enough, for the Zatanna story in this issue. Her neighbourhood is plagued with rats, so Zatanna goes back in time to recruit the Pied Piper of Hamelin to get rid of them. Most of the brief story is dedicated to showing us the legend of the character.

Zatanna follows the Piper to the mountain where he disappears with all the kids. She lets that be, not wanting to change history. The Piper agrees to go with her back to the present, but when she cast the spell it doesn't affect him. Zatanna is explaining her mystification about this to Jeff Sloane when a rat catcher, who looks identical to the Piper, shows up. And that's all there is to this. Blah.

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