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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Supergirl 3 - Supergirl can't get a date, and Zatanna can't do magic tricks

Bates, Saaf and Colletta keep making this book a super hero/romance comic in Supergirl 3 (Feb 73).

Supergirl has a different boyfriend this time, Bob Lewis. But Bob is getting all pissed off at the amount of time Linda spends in rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet. That's fairly dumb, as she is studying theatre. But anyway, because of this, Bob no longer wants to take Linda to the Valentine's Day dance.

Turns out that the guy playing Romeo is having similar problems with his girlfriend, who also doesn't want to go to the dance. But in her case, it's because her father has been arrested for murder. Supergirl gets onto the case, and finds that it's a multiple murder scenario.

The story becomes extremely convoluted, with a gang boss who arranges the murder of a man who looks much like him, so that he can get plastic surgery and adopt a new identity. Supergirl unravels the case, and even fights off a carnivorous plant, but still has no date for the dance.

Bates and Heck serve up the Zatanna story, in which she receives a letter from Linda Danvers asking her to perform at Midvale Orphanage, where Linda had grown up.

The show starts fine, but then her tricks start going out of control, and she can sense a spirit, Mikey, trying to communicate with her. Mikey had been an orphan there who died, and he sends Zatanna a mental warning to aid the couple who run the orphanage.

Sure enough, they are tied up in the basement, about to be killed to stop them from testifying at a gang lord's trial. Zatanna saves the day.

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