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Friday, 16 June 2017

Supergirl 9 - Supergirl becomes an Amazon

Bates and Saaf use Nubia, the rarely seen black Wonder Woman, in the story in Supergirl 9 (Dec/Jan 73/74).

As the story begins Supergirl rescues a car that has gone off a cliff. She is stunned to see her latest boyfriend, Dale, in the car with another woman. She then deals with a stunt pilot who bitches her out for "rescuing" him, and a rock star who tries to come on to her.

Deciding that she has had enough of men, Supergirl heads for Paradise Island. Along the way she come across some Amazons who have been attacked by shark men, and brings a severely injured Nubia back to the island. Nubia had recently been introduced in Wonder Woman as her black sister. Hippolyta is grateful, and sympathetic when Supergirl talks about hating the world of men. Hippolyta offers to make Supergirl an Amazon, and she goes through the training at super speed, becoming an adopted daughter of the queen.

Then Hippolyta sends Supergirl on a mission to retrieve a rare plant needed to cure Nubia. Supergirl falls victim to the magic of witch doctors on the island, but is saved by one of the other islanders, who dresses as an albino gorilla to scare off the shamans.

Although the guy feels that he is now responsible for protecting Supergirl, since he saved her, Supergirl knocks him out, then disguises herself as the gorilla, gets the plant, and heads back to Paradise Island. Thanks to the chauvanistic guy on the island, somehow she has learned her lesson, not to hide from problems, and decides to give up being an Amazon and return to Vandyre.

All that because she caught her latest boyfriend cheating.

Nubia is not seen again for six years, returning in the pages of Super Friends.

Oh, and after this issue Supergirl's series moves over to the newly created Superman Family. But there is one more issue to come of this series, which was released a few months after this one, in the summer of 1974.

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