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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

1st Issue Special 6 - Dingbats of Danger Street debuts

1st Issue Special 6 (Sept 75) has another Kirby offering, this one with inks by Mike Royer. Dingbats of Danger Street is truly awful, and yet you can tell this was a sincere attempt to update his popular series from the 1940s, the Newsboy Legion.

The four Dingbats are all street kids. Good Looks and Krunch are white, while Non-Fat is kind of black, although you can barely tell, and Bananas is uncomfortably Asian, with teeth and glasses leftover from the way Kirby drew the Japanese during World War 2.

The interplay among the kids is meant to be comedic, but comes off so far from anything even resembling how kids talked and acted in the 70s. There is a kindly police officer, and at the start of the tale he arrests a villain, Jumping Jack. Non-Fat winds up with a tiny secret container that the guy had been carrying.

Jumping Jack's boss, the Gasser, comes after the kids to try to get the container back. That provides the main action for the story.

Jumping Jack winds up getting away from the good cop, which brings all the characters back together for the climax, as the Dingbats help the cops capture the two villains, and turn over the stolen container.

Really, I don't think it's possible to even enjoy this story if one was not familiar with Newsboy Legion. Even Kirby's art cannot carry it. The Dingbats returned in Adventures of Superman during the 90s.

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