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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

1st Issue Special 7 - the Creeper

The Creeper gets to star in 1st Issue Special 7 (Oct 75), in a story by Michael Fleisher, with art by his creator, Steve Ditko, and Mike Royer. The Creeper had last appeared only a couple of weeks before battling the Joker in the villain's own book.

In this story Jack Ryder starts off by visiting the jail in Gotham. Two-Face and the Scarecrow get cameos, before Ryder is shown the cell of Garfield Lynns, the Firefly. Ryder has no idea who this is, assuming him to be an arsonist. To be fair, the Firefly had only appeared once before, and that was in 1952. He was a special effects expert, and became a master of light effects, which he used for crime.

Lynns escapes from prison, and though Ryder changes into the Creeper to try to stop him, he just winds up pursued by the prison guards, who think the Creeper aided Lynns in his escape.

Firefly has a really impressive selection of weaponry. That's a darn good thing, because his costume is pretty awful, and when he tries to recruit a gang he gets laughed at. That ends when he appears to teleport one of the goons away.

So the Firefly embarks on a series of light themed thefts, while the Creeper goes after him. It's not a bad story, and Ditko's art keeps it hopping.

The Creeper winds up reflecting Lynns' own weaponry against him, and the villain appears to fall to his death. May as well have, Firefly is not seen again until Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The Creeper returns in a couple of months working with Wildcat in Super-Team Family.

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