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Friday, 14 July 2017

Batman Family 10 - Batgirl meets Batwoman

Bob Rozakis, Bob Brown and Vince Colletta bring back Batwoman, not seen since 1964, in Batman Family 10 (March/April 1977). This issue contains a new Batgirl story, and two Batman reprints that focus on Robin.

It also brings back two villains who hadn't been around in a while, the Cavalier and Killer Moth. The Cavalier had last been seen a couple of years earlier in Wonder Woman, but Killer Moth had not been around since 1968. As Batgirl deals with the pair Batwoman shows up out of the blue to help her. Despite her aid, Killer Moth manages to get away.

The story isn't really written as well as it might be. We then see Kathy Kane meeting with Barbara Gordon, although neither knows who the other one is. It doesn't seem as if either has met before. Kathy makes reference to Barbara being at college when she knew her father. We find out that Kathy has gone back to circus life, and is running her own touring show.

A giant moth then appears, blasting through the walls of the jail to free the Cavalier, who winds up growing to giant size. But all of this proves to be illusions. Batgirl and Batwoman, still not knowing each other, changed into their costumes and fought the illusions while the real Killer Moth freed the Cavalier, and the pair got away. Even though no reference to it had been made until this point, Batgirl knows that the villains are using tech from the Isle of a Thousand Thrills, seen in the third issue of this book. I guess they stole it.

Barbara and Kathy take a sightseeing cruise when the villains attack again, sealing up a ship, Old Ironsides, in a bottle. This time Kathy and Barbara catch each other changing into Batwoman and Batgirl, so that whole thing gets cleared up. The women assume they are dealing with illusions, but this time the giant moths prove to be real. Well, robot moths. It all kind of makes sense at the end, that the Cavalier and Killer Moth were intentionally being confusing as to what was real and what was an illusion to convince people the ship was in a bottle, and needed to be ransomed, when that was just another illusion. Even so, it in no way reflects the usual crimes of either character.

As the issue ends Kathy announces that she is going back into retirement, and offers Barbara the Batwoman name. Barbara refuses, which is a good thing as Kathy goes back into action in a couple of months.

Killer Moth and Cavalier return in a couple of months in Batman.

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